The Real Rock Stars

This new Intel ad, from their recently-launched ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ campaign, is spot on. Today’s real rock stars should be the brains behind all the technology that has changed our lives and prompted the world in new directions. And, in many ways, they are. I wonder how many people would opt for a free computer over free concert tickets. I know I would.

Right now, I’m knee-deep in a research project about future technology and I must say it’s really inspiring. Intel’s Exploratory Research Projects, NTT DoCoMo’s (the Japanese rock stars of all that is mobile) Mobile Society Research Institute, and Singularity University (to-be-opened in June, sponsored in part by Google, of course), to name a few examples, are all scheming away for the next big breakthrough. Rock stars to be.


One response to “The Real Rock Stars

  1. Oh man, I luvz me some USB. That guy hams it up perfectly for that commercial.

    As far as tech rock stars of tech are concerned David Heinemeier Hansson, the inventor of the Ruby on Rails web development framework remains an icon of “in your face, you PHP/ fogies”-ness, hiposity, and Danish sauciness:

    Iranian democracy/revolutionary organization brought to you by Facebook and Twitter? Mark Zuckerman and the Twitter crew = automatic rock stars in my book.

    In addition, content managements systems (CMS’s) like WordPress and Joomla (to name a few) have completely empowered the average user to publish complex database driven sites without writing a single lick of code that still retain enough customization options and “hackability” to make the site truly the user’s own self-expression rather than an over celebrated exercise in templating.

    This empowerment, to me, represents the telescopic nature of our current evolutionary cycles, as the rapidity with which technology becomes invented and then integrated is so swift that productivity is exponentially increased at an incredible rate.

    That said (this is totally turning into a manifesto), I think we need to be aware of this rapid advancement and be especially vigilant when it comes to Google. Their proprietary search engine algorithm is shaping our systems of logic in this midst of this high speed development. Search engine optimization techniques are becoming the penultimate means of marketing. Veritably, Google has created something of a stock market, only they control all market fluctuations and expect the public to accept this as “logic,” and not what it really is: Their manufactured relevancy algorithm, which they can change at any time. It is the ultimate insider trading.

    Far from trying to be a paranoiac, I merely feel it’s important that we are well aware of this trend, as entities and ideas can be so rapidly integrated into the foundation of our collective understanding that an organization like Google could easily become taken for granted as a de facto reference point of human logic when it is, simply, another business vying for market share in very ingenious, and sometimes unsettling, ways.

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