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Grégoire Alexandre in Yatzer


Enjoyed this short, but sweet interview in Yatzer with Grégoire Alexandre, the 27-year old French photographer that has already established an impressive portfolio.


I Scan

i scan, therefore i am

Mid-day at the office: the M&M bowl was empty so while I skipped around the corner to purchase more, Simon scanned the void. And a few crumbs. Did you know M&Ms had crumbs?



Starbucks’ attempt to go local starts tomorrow when it unveils its latest venture in Seattle called 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea, an artisan-esque café filled with rustic wood and straight-back chairs. The sign outside reportedly reads ‘Inspired by Starbucks’, but the truth behind it is ‘Owned and operated by Starbucks.’ I don’t think anyone is missing out on the fact that it is a corporate venture, but I can’t shake a sense of cynicism as they try to take two steps left. An interesting exercise in unbranding, or the business version of an extreme makeover, that reads as a desperate attempt to back away from a business model that has turned stale and cliché. I could applaud a return to their Northwest roots. But while the Seattle Times explains that it will sell a rotating menu of beer and wine alongside the usual offerings of coffee, tea, and food, the Seattle Metblogs reports that only one wine is from the Northwest (Oregon to be precise). Not so convincing for a local venture.

It’s Supposed to Feel Small

This week, I sat in a room with a very smart technologist. As I heard him describe the shiny new, the new new…For a moment, the other ideas we’d brought in our little deck felt small. But I reminded myself: they’re supposed to be small. They’re supposed to be real. They’re supposed to build a relation(I won’t even say it because it’s become such an overused word that’s a little tasteless at the moment because we’re sick of saying it and hearing it). Yes, technology empowers. Technology is incredible these days. But don’t lose sight. At the end of the day, small, often, real, honest, respectful of real needs, of real yearning little desires that only you and your nice little set up can provide… that matters. That surprises. That means something. Use technology. Love new technology. But don’t lose sight.

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*Happy Birthday Brenna*

you and me

Happy Birthday Brenna. I thought you would like a goat this year!

Merce Cunningham 1919-2009

So Tiny and Meaningless

Franny and Zooey

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