Monthly Archives: September 2009

Tetris Live


Another fabulous stop-motion film of street art in the making by Blu in a collaborative effort with David Ellis (via Good).

Killed by the Internet

The internet wields its power to revive and destroy, but the destruction that it brings is not always negative. A recent article in the Telegraph looks at 50 things that are being killed by the internet.

The humorous ones:

#4 Sarah Palin (I can only hope)

#22 Enforceable copyright

#34 Mainstream media

#44 Trust in Nigerian businessmen and princes

The sad ones:

#13 Memory

#14 Dead time

#50 Your lunchbreak

A Fine Morning


After a long week, Saturday morning breakfast has never looked so good.

Picnic Day Three

Picture 8

As Picnic came to a close, I finally was able to sit down with three speakers to have a conversation about their work with technology: Katrin Verclas from MobileActive, Jeremy Ettinghausen from Penguin Books Digital Publishing, and Greg Skibiski from Sense Networks. Video of the interviews will be featured on the Picnic website in the near future.

Dream Big

This video tells the story of an beautiful dream, to make a book that encouraged kids to dream amazing dream. It’s the story of An Awesome Book written, illustrated, and published by Dallas Clayton. See the whole book here.

Sushi Camera