A Collaborative Year

one year

the3six5 project. 365 days. 365 individual voices writing a collaborative diary to chronicle the year of 2010.

I just received word that I am on board for the project initiated by Len Kendall and Daniel Honigman. On May 28, I will write a 250 word entry about my experiences throughout the day. One day. One person. There are a few famous writers, comedians, TED speakers, etc. in the mix, but for the most part the journal will be crowdsourced by people who just want to write and participate.

A published book is planned, depending on the amount of funding raised. Make a donation at Kickstarter.

4 responses to “A Collaborative Year

  1. how did you get chosen to write for them? It’s very cool! šŸ™‚ I wonder where you will be on May 28th…..

  2. Glad you’re on board, Carly. It’ll be great to have your perspective from Amsterdam…or wherever you are!

  3. That’s so nice … Beautiful concept! It perfectly fits to a person like you are, great they’ve chosen you!

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