Light art, sound art, video installations, and performances this weekend in Amsterdam Oost! The fifth and final year of Polderlicht.

2 responses to “Polderlicht

  1. Have to say that I wasn’t really impressed, in fact, I felt rather bored by the primitive early 90s art-school-junior-year-naivety, especially the presented light effects with actual slide show diascopes (!!) or handheld laser pointers made me feel thrown back in time. Nowadays you can go to any semi-hip drum & bass or techno club and watch the VJs show how sophisticated light art has become.

  2. Carly,

    I’m considering the New Media program at UvA and am wondering if I might chat with you a bit about it.

    I graduated from undergrad in the US and now I’m studying for a one-year Masters in the UK. I’m intrigued by the UvA program and would love to learn more about it — I think we have a lot of interests in common!


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