Monthly Archives: January 2010

Farewell, Salinger

German Film Fest

From 2-4 February, there will be a German film festival at De Haagse Hogeschool. Films include Solino, Unsere Hütte, Losers and Winners, RUHR.2010, and Schimanski.

The Zoomable Map

Straight out of the digital backlash, comes the Zoomable Map, the paper version.

The Real Good Experiment

Finding useful stuff on the street is pure joy, like stumbling upon a pile of used books or a couch with hidden potential. Curb-mining becomes even better when you unknowingly get to be part of a good experiment.

Blu Dot decided to drop 25 Real Good chairs around the streets of New Yorks to see where they would end up. Hidden cameras and GPS enabled them to follow the reactions of people on the street upon seeing the chairs, filming the process from discovery, interest, inspection, to possession and then showing up at their door to ask them what they thought of the chair. PUNCOs to INCOs.

Köln am Wochenende

A jaunt over the border to Cologne to enjoy time with friends, a feast of food, and German beer — natürlich.


A film by Job and Roel Wouters, showing their rainbow gun in action. The music by Yvo Sprey & Friends, in which Job and Roel also contribute, is also worth some attention.

THIS, Los Angeles

Enjoying videos of acoustic performances by Micky Adams and others posted on the blog of THIS, a new gallery space in LA.