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Franny and Zooey inspired collection

The style of the Glass family, New York circa 1955. Also easy to mistake as the pieces from the set design of The Royal Tenenbaums. (via constantwanderlust: thethinkingtank)

Jules Verne Cover Designs

Fantastic book cover designs by Jim Tierney (via faceoutbooks).

The Moment Devoted to Pastries

“…he set down a plate of sugar-covered crescents, the cornes de gazelle. No one was the least bit hungry anymore, but that is precisely what is so good about the moment devoted to pastries: they can only be appreciated to the full extent of their subtlety when they are not eaten to assuage our hunger, when the orgy of their sugary sweetness is not destined to fill some primary need but to coat our palate with all the benevolence of the world.”

Gourmet Rhapsody by Muriel Barbery

Street Art in Okinawa by Koax

Nice collection of street art on Unurth including Chu, JR, and 2501. (unicornology: spaceships: texturism)

Transporting Love

Today is Valentine’s Day and I find myself reading Alain de Botton‘s book Essays in Love. By chance, instead of being on one of the less love-y chapters, such as ‘Romantic Fatalism’, ‘Intermittances of the Heart’, or ‘Romantic Terrorism’, this morning I was at the chapter ‘Speaking Love’ where de Botton analyzes the difficulty his experience of first trying to articulate sentiments of love for his girlfriend Chloe.

There seemed to be no way to transport love in the word L-O-V-E without at the same time throwing the most banal associations into the basket. The word was too rich in foreign history: everything from the Troubadours to Casablanca had cashed in on the letters. Was it not my duty to be the author of my own feelings? Would I not have to fashion a declaration with a uniqueness to match Chloe’s? I felt disconcertingly aware of the mundanity of our situation: a man and a women, lovers, celebrating a birthday in a Chinese restaurant, one night in the Western world, somewhere toward the end of the twentieth century. No, my meaning could never make the journey in L-O-V-E. It would have to seek alternative transportation.

Urban Love Daily

For a daily dose of love, the photoblog Urban Love Daily posts images of found objects that resemble a heart or love in some way. Like this heart-shaped piece of insulation on the street.

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