Light Boxes

Browsing the shelves of the bookstore this weekend, my eyes landed on Light Boxes by Shane Jones. A small book and the only copy in sight, I nearly missed it. Once I had seen the cover design, I was sold. Isn’t it intriguing? Just like the description:

February is persecuting the townspeople. It has been winter for more than three hundred days. All forms of flight are banned and children have started to disappear, taken from their beds in the middle of the night. The town’s priests hang ominous sheets of parchment on the trees, signed ‘February’. And somewhere on the outskirts of the town lives February himself, with the girl who smells of honey and smoke…

Fascinating. And my post-purchase research tells me that Spike Jonze is making an adaptation.


3 responses to “Light Boxes

  1. what a fantastic cover! it reminds me of the episode of buffy called “hush”.

    okay, end of geek moment.


    xo Alison

  2. The cover really sold me too. And when I opened it and noticed the different font sizes and pages with only one sentence…I couldn’t resist.

    Have you finished it yet?

    • Unable to resist, yes! Exactly how I felt. I saw the description on your blog and had to scroll quickly through some parts since I haven’t started it yet. I know, how can I resist it now? I’m trying to quell my past habit of reading multiple books at once. So, once I finish ‘God of Small Things’ I will rush to start ‘Light Boxes’. cheers!

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