Memories of Seoul

All this talk of South Korea lately had me sifting through my photo archive today. A colleague headed there over the weekend and, having lived in Seoul for a year, I was called on to give my advice on all that is Korean. Rusty as my knowledge is, I was also proud that I could remember how to navigate from Gyeongbokgung palace to Jogyesa temple, where to find green tea ice cream, how to say basic phrases, and why sundubu jjigae is the best.

Above: A small alleyway in Insadong. Below: Colorful lanterns in celebration of Buddha’s birthday; rocking in Hongdae; dining on curious cuisine on the islands; a rock star and a monk; and looking over Oido.

3 responses to “Memories of Seoul

  1. Love your photos! The lanterns are beautiful. My teenage son is in and around Seoul for the next two weeks. I visited two years ago for the first time, and hope to go again in two more. I wish I had an opportunity to visit Insadong. I think a scene or two from the movie 3-Iron was filmed there – and seeing it in the film was the first time I’d seen that area. I’m a little nervous about my son being in Seoul right now, but my Korean friends there assure me everything will be fine. Here’s my post (the photo is from my visit to The Bridge of No Return):

    • Thank you! I certainly had many photos to choose from as everything in Korea seemed new, different and picturesque. Insadong was undoubtedly the ‘must see’ in the recommendations I gave to my colleague. Great list of ‘relaxing’ moments as your son prepared to depart! Hope you can make it back there someday. xcarly

  2. I’ll definitely get to Insadong next time! Thanks!

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