Cosas mínimas (little things)

Fall has arrived in Amsterdam and it’s time to write a few letters delayed by the summer weather. I posted the first one to my grandfather in Oregon yesterday – I hope the ink survived the rainy trip from my jacket pocket to the mailbox.

Plans for this weekend include helping a friend move to a new apartment (my first chance at the Dutch system of moving through the front window with a rope hanging from the rooftop – very exciting!), trying a new recipe with the fresh fish bought at Noordermarkt, Café Brecht tonight for ‘a trip through German music history’ and some Czech beer, reading from Dreaming in Hindi, camera shopping (Sarah recommended the Panasonic LX3. Any thoughts?) and writing a few letters, of course.

I’m loving the postcards and images by Blanca Gómez, a graphic designer and illustrator from Madrid, from her project cosas mínimas, which means ‘little things’ in Spanish (via elephantine).

5 responses to “Cosas mínimas (little things)

  1. Lovely blog! ❤ How is Amsterdam? Are you there for school or visiting? I've never been, but my boyfriend's band was just there! I've heard it's quite nice. Have a great week!

    • Thanks! Amsterdam is a cute little place to live with the feeling of a big city. It has an interesting reputation abroad, but it feels just normal to me after four years here. The best thing of course is the bicycle culture. What is your boyfriend’s band? There are two main venues here (at least where international acts play). One is Paradiso, an old converted church. Lucky are the bands that get to play in such a lovely place. Thanks for stopping by small sight!

  2. I’d love to visit Amsterdam sometime. Someday I hope to! He’s in the band Local Natives. I’m not sure of the venue where they played, but that old converted church sounds really neat!

    • Nice bandI To answer your earlier question, I came here for a two-year MA program. I planned to head to Berlin when I finished, but then I met a nice German guy and, well, life stepped in and went its own way 🙂 I hope you get to visit Amsterdam someday soon! It’s a nice, easy (small) city to explore and also just a short train ride to other great cities (Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin). Cheers*

  3. How exciting! Isn’t it funny how life works? 🙂

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