Monthly Archives: September 2010

NSFW at Precinct Five

A little project by Alrik that I had a hand in: the NSFW clubhouse at Precinct Five. For a group of runners who like to do things differently.

Package in the Post

Last Friday afternoon, I arrived home to find a package from my sister waiting for me. The perfect start to a weekend. Not only did she send some yummy treats, but she also sent along my growing collection of ordered items that I couldn’t bear to ship individually across the Atlantic.

Now, after a long wait, I finally have four beautiful prints of photographs by abby try again (pictured above). I also have two books to add to my growing collection:  Hymn California by Adam Gnade and Creative, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho. Thanks for the package lovely sister!

Dear Japan

“A sudden minor shock or meaningless/meaningful interruption…here is a blip of the land of the rising sun.” Beautiful video by Nathan Miller and Matthew Brown with fantastic editing (via we are the digital kids).

A Bit of Online Reading

This weekend I had the chance to enjoy two online magazines, Rue and Sweet Paul. By ‘enjoy’, I mean curled on the couch underneath a blanket with a cup of apple cider. Yes, it was even raining outside. Sweet Paul Magazine (above) focused its second issue on fall and is filled with ‘easy and elegant recipes, fun and stylish crafts, entertaining tips’ and more. The food sets and photography are beautiful and the falls recipes, inspiring. Rue Magazine (below), which premiered just last week,  is an interiors and lifestyle publication. Not merely a translation of print virtues to online, Rue has video and links embedded within the magazine. Great editorial choices to embrace the medium. Looking forward to future issues!

A Taste of Fig

Last year, for the first time in my life, I ate a fig. A friend brought an array of fruit to a dinner party and fresh figs were among the selection. I loved the flavor and especially the beauty of the purple skin and pink, seedy flesh. At the market this morning, I picked up a few for the weekend and wondered once again, how I could have only encountered them in my 20s. Perhaps it’s not much of a surprise, since I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and figs grow abundantly in the Mediterranean regions. Still, in a time when food is quickly shipped around the world and the produce section of the grocery store is without seasons, it’s nice to know that there are still new things to discover (image from suttonhoo).

A Weekend Away

Feeling an itch to get away for a weekend. The only remaining question: where to go? Floating through my head are ideas of France, Italy, Spain, and Ireland. Paris is only a train ride away, the other locations probably require a short flight. Just a chance to walk over some unfamiliar cobblestones and breathe in the air of another city.

(Above: Image of Venice from here. Below: Image of Paris from here. Image of Madrid from here. Image of Dublin from here.)

Cinema Tells Its Truth

Inspired by the work of French philosopher Jacques Rancière, a film and philosophy series at SMART Project Space in Amsterdam will trace the history of modern cinema by analyzing how film depicts its own truth.

The program includes ten films discussed by Rancière in his book La Fable cinématographique (Film Fables). The opening film, Mouchette (Robert Bresson, 1967) will be introduced by Rancière. Also playing are Tartuffe (F.W. Munau, 1926), M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder (Fritz Lang, 1931), La Chinoise (Jean-Luc Godard, 1967) and Roma, città aperta (1945). The full program can be viewed here. The series runs from 22 September – 7 November.

A September Morning

It’s quickly turning to autumn here in Amsterdam. Yesterday evening I biked through the rain to a colleague’s wedding, wondering if my dress and hair would survive. They did and it was a lovely night, which has led to a slow morning. But now the sun is peeking through my window and it’s time to throw on a scarf and go for a walk.

Along with the rainy weather, the trees have started to change. Quite early, isn’t it? I’m missing my camera at this moment – hard to believe that I work for a photography organization and am currently cameraless. On my trip to Portland in December, purchasing a camera with be task #1. For now, I’ll dip a bit more into Flickr for visual inspiration.

First image from here. Second image from here. Third image from here.

Carson Ellis illustrations

I was thrilled when I read that the cover of The Mysterious Benedict Society, a wonderfully imaginative book, was illustrated by Carson Ellis. How could I not have known? Carson is best know  to me for her amazing work on the albums and concert posters of The Decemberists. Her illustrations from another book, Dillweed’s Revenge, are showing at Nationale gallery in Portland from 8 September – 3 October. If I were there, I would certainly stop by.

A Small Thought

All I need right now is one, small thought. I am on deadline to come up with a big idea for a little project.

This image is from an exhibition three years ago in Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum. The pencil on the floor was barely noticeable, just lying on the floor surrounded by larger works that screamed for attention. I just need to find that little detail in my mind that can make people stop and take a second look.