A Weekend Away

Feeling an itch to get away for a weekend. The only remaining question: where to go? Floating through my head are ideas of France, Italy, Spain, and Ireland. Paris is only a train ride away, the other locations probably require a short flight. Just a chance to walk over some unfamiliar cobblestones and breathe in the air of another city.

(Above: Image of Venice from here. Below: Image of Paris from here. Image of Madrid from here. Image of Dublin from here.)

5 responses to “A Weekend Away

  1. I vote for Paris! Then you should do the bike tour.

    I miss you so much

  2. Beautiful! I agree, the bike tour in Paris would be awesome! I personally would love to go to Spain to practice my Spanish 🙂

  3. Come to Berlin when I’m here!

    • Are you going again? Going to stay? I dare say, you’ve been bitten by the Berlin bug. Trust me, there’s no return 😉

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