Planning for Paris

Next weekend, we’re off to Paris. My first time! Most people find this fact unbelievable, but when I chose a holiday destination in the past, it was more likely to be Berlin, Zurich, Krakow, Budapest, Prague… really anywhere other than Paris. Most people either love Paris or hate it and my experience with many non-French Europeans is that they don’t see the appeal.

Still, I live just a few hours away. Why not spend a weekend in Paris and see what I think? For those of you who fall into the ‘love Paris’ category’, I’d be happy for some tips. Favorite spots to sip coffee, best breakfast nooks, favorite areas to walk around. Merci! (images from karigee)

7 responses to “Planning for Paris

  1. Pho 14!!!!! Sooooo yummmmy!

  2. I say this to everyone! Chez Marianne in the Marais. After a visit to the Picasso Museum and a big walk, you sit out on the street with a plate of delicious middle eastern food and a carafe of cheap but nice wine. It’s NOT posh, but it’s perfect.

    • Indeed, sounds perfect. It is now officially written down on my ‘What to do in Paris list’. Thank you!

  3. HAVE A BLASt!!!!! so jealous

    i hope you are able to the bike tour!

    • Booked! Was super Dutch and asked if they provided raingear or if I needed to bring my own. Haha. Nerd.

  4. Have fun in Paris! I’m jealous! My boyfriend gets to go there next month too. UGH! Take lots of photos 🙂

    • Ah, that probably means you should take a trip out. I definitely plan to take lots of photos. Photos and eating. That’s enough tourist stuff right?

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