A Weekend in Paris, Part II

The second day took us to the neighborhood of a friend from Berlin who had recently moved to Paris. Time to sit and enjoy the sun. The third day was filled with sights of the city as we biked around. I’ll leave the photos of Notre Dame and the Louvre behind, in favor of these quieter images of small scenes from the day. Above, a characteristic sign above the metro, with the rising sun shining on the house behind.

A friend from Berlin recently moved into a flat in Paris, with a lovely stairwell.

Early Sunday morning on the Seine.

Browsing through the bookstands along the Seine on a Sunday afternoon.

A small door on a quiet street.

4 responses to “A Weekend in Paris, Part II

  1. These pics are beautiful!

    Happy you had fun!

    ❤ Kel

  2. wonderful photos! i love the last one.

    xo Alison

    • That is my favorite picture too! I have a thing for doors and European cities do doors really well. Actually, I have been planning a series about the doors around the area where I work in Amsterdam. Hmm, maybe that was the extra inspiration I needed to finally do it.

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