A Stroll down the Slatuinenweg

Slatuinenweg (translated as lettuce gardens way) is a little road around the corner from where I live. Quite literally, it was once used as a walking path to the vegetable or salad gardens. Constructed in 1697, it’s quite an usual – and old – street. Instead of the five-story apartments typically found in the center of Amsterdam, the houses along the Slatuinenweg are quite small. Some are even built out of wood (houthuis), a rarity in this part of the world. Isn’t it a cute street?

2 responses to “A Stroll down the Slatuinenweg

  1. Such a cute street and such a cute backstory. I live on a rather boring street with no old meaning or vegetable inspiration. Sigh. Love your blog and insights!

    • Thank you, I love walking down it and imagining women in long skirts, clogs, and those white headscarfs heading to the garden to get their vegetables. Today it only leads to a grocery store eventually, but the memories are there. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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