Wanderlust: Vintage on Wheels

My upcoming trip to Portland in December/January becomes more exciting every day and my To Do list is growing concurrently. I’m gathering recommendations of restaurants from Lemon Basil, stores from Unruly Things and Modish, and catching up on the street style with Urban Weeds. And the excitement continues to build with Frolic and Honey Kennedy. Etc.

The list is long, but one Must Do is a visit to Wanderlust, a vintage boutique on wheels making its way around Portland (via Modish). What else is new and not to be missed in Portland?

6 responses to “Wanderlust: Vintage on Wheels

  1. Don’t forget Powell’s Bookstore.

    • Ah, I could never forget it! Always at the top of the list and the last on my mind as I try to pack the books while keeping my suitcase under weight. Such a challenge

  2. Carly, you should check out Lodekka, as well!

    Enjoy your trip, and say hello to the PacNW for me.

  3. Definitely the Golden Rule on burnside and Coava coffee.

    • Thanks for the tip! I just arrived yesterday (hence the early morning jet lag) and I can’t wait to begin exploring anew. Cheers

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