November Travels

The month of November is here and I have several trips ahead of me. Friday will take me on a short trip to Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. The following week I’m off to London. The third week to Portugal, my first time in the country! Upon my return, I will spend one night in Amsterdam before heading for a weekend – and hopefully the Weihnachstmärkte, Christmas markets – in Cologne. And the final trip at the end of the month will take me to Berlin.

Most of the travels are related to work projects, but nothing sounds better than being surrounded by photography and stories in foreign lands. I imagine I won’t need to unpack or put away my suitcase for the entire month (image from johnnyvintage).


4 responses to “November Travels

  1. I’m so jealous of all your jaunts—especially the Christmas markets in Cologne. I was in Cologne when I was a preteen and I want a do-over please! Happy packing!

    • The Christmas markets are amazing, aren’t they? I will drink an extra Glühwein for you! How was your week-long excursion around New York?

      • Drink TWO extra! I’ve had a great week running around the city, thanks—it’s hard work being a tourist! Almost done with my project and then I can get back to blogging—separation anxiety. Happy travels!

  2. Our thoughts and prayers for peace ,comfort and delightful surprises.
    All the best.
    Maybe enjoy some Fado in Portugal.

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