Sights on the Street

So far Weekend Links has been a great success, with lots of encouraging feedback from readers. Inspired last week by the most adorable boy in a Bakfiets, I’m going to start a new weekly post titled Sights on the Street. Every day I ride my bike through Amsterdam and see some really odd, beautiful, crazy and/or wonderful things. Maybe like this guy:

This week’s Sights on the Street: a man tossing an umbrella out a third-story window to a grateful friend on the street below. Four Polish men laden down with shopping bags. One man crossing the street with a giant, old school TV in tow.

For me, the idea came from the little boy, sitting in the front basket of a bike with his cute dark-framed glasses. As he spotted something curious in the air, he lifted a pair of binoculars to his face. Words can’t do justice to the perfect scene he created, but it is etched in my mind. Maybe lots of the Sights on the Street will be like that, but let’s see how it goes.

Also, whether you live in Amsterdam or elsewhere, I’d love to hear about some of the sights you see on the streets of your city. Join in!


2 responses to “Sights on the Street

  1. Wow I love this idea and LOVE the image of that little boy in the bike basket lifting binoculars to his face—what a great opening scene for a movie! I was on the subway the other evening coming from Manhattan to Brooklyn and I watched an old man dressed in army gear handcuff himself to the pole of his seat and then settle back in his seat for a nap! Last night I saw a fire hydrant—nestled between overflowing trash bags— with the words “Love was found here” painted on it. I need to carry my camera more often!

    • Thanks for sharing your sights! I imagine you have a lot of curious scenes on a daily basis in New York. I was especially motivated because I usually can’t get to my camera in time. Just a passing glimpse of life that I can wrap a few words around to preserve the memory.

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