a return from the Northwest

From my home in Oregon to my home in the Netherlands. I’m back in Amsterdam after a trip to the Northwest for a wedding, reunion, and time with family and friends. Photos to come, but for now I’ll leave you with several items celebrating my favorite state (above necklace by truche).

Put a bird on it pillow by lovecalifornia

Oregon poster by aruppel, a personal favorite


3 responses to “a return from the Northwest

  1. These are all lovely but I’m especially digging the Oregon poster! I’m a native East Coaster but when I traveled to the other side of the country, Oregon was definitely one of my favorite states by far. So jealous of your two exciting and wonderful homes!

    • Life with two homes (although in reality I only go to Oregon about twice a year) is often wonderful, but occasionally a bit difficult and confusing. It’s hard to be away from family and vast nature, but I am more comfortable with the lifestyle and liberality of Europe. Even if I never live in Oregon again, I still feel pride for it, as (I assume) do the people behind much of the Oregon ‘paraphernalia’. Do you notice that sense of local pride on the East Coast? Thanks for reading and congratulations on your marriage! carly

  2. I love the illustration on this card! Definitely a favourite!!

    Thank you so much for your comment on the BreakfastPicks. I’ve also found online magazines to be quite popular (however I don’t really know if that is true for Germany, because often are behind such trends ;)). My sister and I were talking a lot about them why I picked the first three of my favourites. I’ll have another round in about 2-3 weeks.

    Now have a wonderful start in the new week! Yours, Theresa

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