de krat

On Saturday morning, we received the first box full of locally-produced, organic goods from De krat (The crate), which was stuffed full with leek, Chinese cabbage, paprika, chili peppers, tomatoes, squash, lettuce, beets, fresh baked bread, cherries, oregano- and chili-spiced sausage (not for me), and lemon-flavored mayonnaise from The Bio Bandits.

I had been thinking about signing up for a box from Odin, which has a pick up point around the corner from my apartment, but when I heard about de krat I was instantly sold. The boxes are filled with eight different types of fruits and vegetables (although I wish there had been more fruit in this one), as well as other products of the week like bread, milk, eggs, jam, nuts, or cheese. They also deliver free in Amsterdam and include recipes using the products of that week’s crate.

2 responses to “de krat

  1. That is a wonderful idea I would definitely try out if it was available in Berlin.

    • Although de krat is only in Amsterdam, I am sure that there are many similar options in Berlin. Compared to the Netherlands, Germany is so far ahead when it comes to organic, local food. It’s not so common here, the biological stores don’t offer a wide selection of products, and it is quite expensive. The community-supported agriculture movement is becoming more popular in the US, especially the Northwest where I am from, but a lot of the case studies I hear come out of Germany. I heard about de krat from a flyer I picked up at a small photo exhibit, maybe the ones in Berlin are also not so widely advertised, making them even more endearing 🙂

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