de krat 5 november

In this week’s crate: Komatsuna leaves, purple grapes, rapini, Jerusalem artichoke, salad, carrots, Savoy cabbage (the last of the season), red onions, pears, Belle de Boskoop apples, mushrooms, bread, and venison. Looking forward to a week of eating well.


4 responses to “de krat 5 november

  1. Those photos are lovely! I have never tried carrots in other colours than orange, do they taste different?

    • Thanks Anne Kristine, the purple, white, and yellow carrots taste a bit more earthy. I love eating orange carrots raw, but find the colored version better for soups, roasting, etc. Before I signed up for the CSA box, I had never tried them before. A great discovery!

  2. That does look good indeed! Didn’t know the concept at all! However, at this time, sitting in the cold after a few drinks I’d probably eat anything digestible 🙂

    • In the States, supporting local farms and receiving a CSA box (community-supported agriculture) is quite popular. Especially in the Pacific Northwest. It took a while to find one in the Netherlands and now it just might be my favorite thing about living here!

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