street art in Barcelona

A few years ago, a random chain of events led to me standing in front of a group of German students answering questions about ‘America’. One student asked if there was much graffiti in the States. Unless you live in a city, the answer is not really. Outside of the cities, instead of being seen as an art form, it falls into more of the ‘act of vandalism’ category. Living in Europe for the past years, I have become a fan of street art that is part of the city. Rather than defacing a structure, it enhances it.

When I had the chance to go to Barcelona for a few days, I knew I would be on the lookout for some of the street art for which the city is famous. While I didn’t have enough time to seek out great works, I did happen to come across these interesting pieces in the neighborhood of my hotel.

One response to “street art in Barcelona

  1. Hi,

    Maybe Barcelona is not London nor Berlin in this “art of vandalism” as you say, but there are some nice graffitis within the city.

    Gaudí’s masterpieces like La Pedrera, Park Güell or Sagrada Familia and other modernist buildings like Casa Estapé, Casa Doctor Genové or Editorial Montaner i Simón are must-see attractions in Barcelona. But if you want to go further you´ll get a very sugestive “Barcelona wall art”.

    Here you have some more info

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