one week of 2012

One week ago, we went from 2011 to 2012. Perhaps it’s the plethora of blog posts about New Year’s resolutions, but I find myself thinking more this year about what has been and what is to come. The highlights of last year were the engagement, the trip through Turkey, and two trips to the Pacific Northwest. On a professional note, there was a new website, an iPad application, and a lot of interviews. What made the year so sweet really were the moments that tied all the major events together: meals shared, books read, sleep savored, working out, short trips (Berlin, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Cologne), and laughter with family and friends.

And what is to come over the next year? A wedding, traveling to new countries, and more time with family and friends. I have some small resolutions, but I think that as long as we can pull off the wedding with the least amount of stress and enjoy a long honeymoon in the autumn, I will consider this year a success.

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