Florida in January

Playing on the beach in Florida. A perfect mid-winter getaway to visit family and soak in the sunshine. We swam, ate Cuban food, shopped (successfully!) for my wedding dress, drank margaritas, and had a wonderful time together. I am so lucky to have a fantastic family that I love to spend time with. Sometimes I wonder why I live so far from them, but then I remember what adventures we can have when we travel to reunite.

3 responses to “Florida in January

  1. fun! where did you get your dress? I went wedding dress shopping with my friend in Miami and they have so many unique design boutiques.

    • We actually found it in Boca Raton at a small boutique owned by the sweetest Brazilian woman. It was so fun to find it with my grandma, mother, and older sister. I am not such a big shopper and was happy that we found it so quickly. Now for the alterations!

  2. Ahh I’m jealous! It looks so nice, you’re not missing out here, its windy and raining as usual. I want to see your wedding dress 🙂

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