Monthly Archives: January 2012

Photography: Vladimir Longauer

Lost in the photography of Vladimir Longauer, an Irish photographer capturing quiet scenes in medium and large-format film.

a visit to Ghent

After a very peaceful Christmas, I went on a short trip to Ghent with my cousin Vanessa who was visiting for the holidays. Ghent is a small town in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, which I visited earlier in autumn while on a work trip. The city looked so quaint that I thought it would be the perfect post-Christmas destination. Vanessa and I ate waffles, drank a sufficient amount of Belgian beer, dined at a cozy restaurant, discovered a fantastic club with a live electronic band, climbed to the top of a small castle, and spent a lot of time just wandering and looking.

rainy days

A torrent of rain and wind has hit Amsterdam hard the last days, but a short reprieve has come this evening. Good timing after today. While standing on the sidewalk waiting to cross the road, a car sped by and splashed a huge puddle on me. There I stood with my mostly destroyed umbrella, wearing wool tights and my favorite shoes, soaked but laughing.

Photo via olivia bee