a road trip in Italy

In one month, I will marry my best friend. In one month and one day, he and I will board a plane to Rome. I can’t wait to show Marcus the Eternal City, where I once had an apartment in Trastevere and spent my mornings visiting museums with my art history class and afternoons watching Italian films. Now I will be going with my husband, on our honeymoon. Excited? Yes.

After two days in Rome, we will head out on a road trip to the Amalfi Coast. National Geographic calls it the drive of a lifetime. I just hope it isn’t too terrifying. Taking the infamously curvy road is the only way to reach the hillside villas tucked along the coastline. Well, then. We shall begin with an adventure!

Photo 1 by marin, photo 2 by julia

8 responses to “a road trip in Italy

  1. I didn´t know you lived in the Trastevere! I loved it there. I ate way too much pizza there.

  2. How exciting! You will LOVE the Amalfi Coast, it’s very romantic. Take some lemons to smell to avoid getting carsick on the hairpin turns 🙂

  3. How awesome! All of it sounds so exciting.

  4. Italy is on the “to do” list. It’s so lovely that you are excited about taking your new husband there so you can rediscover it together and create new memories with the town. This month is going to fly!

  5. Congratulations!! That sounds like SUCH a wonderful trip, and the perfect honeymoon!

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