counting days

We have entered that phase of talking about days until the wedding. Five days until my dress is finished. Seven days until the first guests arrive. Sixteen days until we say I do! Our excitement is high and there is relatively little stress. Our aim the whole time has been to keep things simple and we can only hope that things continue smoothly through the big day.

Any tips on making it through the final days before a big event?

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3 responses to “counting days

  1. such an exciting time in your life, congratulations again! thinking wonderful thoughts for you, enjoy the day & take the time to breathe throughout it all. 🙂

  2. yoga? I was completely stress free until the last few days before our wedding… but all of the stress melts away on the day of. Just enjoy it, and make lists if you are stressed about getting things done. I was disorganized which definitely added to the stress of throwing a party.

  3. Remember that everyone is there to celebrate with you. No worries or stresses can get in the way of that. Candy and I will be sending our love!

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