planning for England and Wales

The next adventure is almost here! Soon, Marcus and I will head on a journey through England and Wales. We’ll go by train from Amsterdam, through the Channel Tunnel, to begin our travels in Bath. We’ve both been to London numerous times and want to get to know the countryside. Since we’ll be making our trip around by car, we’ll have the freedom to explore at our leisure.

If you have any tips or suggestions for England and Wales, I’d love to hear them!

Photo of the Cotswolds by mazzle

3 responses to “planning for England and Wales

  1. Hi there!
    This is Tori’s friend @darkyetlovely from Twitter.
    I see you’ve made many trips to London — that’s fantastic! Have you been to Bath before? I loved it there. Have you been to Windsor Castle? That’s pretty magnificent to see as well. Oxford is a really cool town, too, if you haven’t been there yet. CS Lewis’s home is there, as well as several colleges you can gain admission to. I’m going to Snowdonia in Wales (that link I sent you on Twitter) but it will be my first time, so don’t have anything to offer as far as Wales goes.
    When are you headed? I’m going in November, myself! Also heading to Liverpool for an overnight trip and really hoping to get in to see a Liverpool vs. Newcastle match at Anfield. 🙂

    • Hi Amy, thanks so much for the travel tips! Windsor and Oxford are on the tentative list, something we’ll probably have time for on our way back from the Lake District. It will be our first trip to Bath, and everywhere along the route except London. We’re really excited! The trip begins in just a few days until mid-September. I will definitely post about Wales and hopefully have a few tips to pass on to you. Thanks again!

  2. Excellent! I just subscribed to your blog, so I can read about your adventures and gain some tips along the way. So fun–I know you’ll have a great time! 🙂

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