a quiet December


It has been a while since I blogged, but I felt like taking a moment to be quiet for a time. December is typically a busy time for most people. I love December and know that too many commitments and tasks in the name of celebration can easily blot out the joy the month brings.

True, I was sick with a severe cough for a surprising number of days, but I enjoyed my fair share of holiday parties, Christmas films, and boozy eggnog. I finished up a huge project at work and had time enough to send a special box of Christmas presents to my family in Oregon, as well as several packages to friends overseas. There was an epic date night one weekend, brunch with friends on another. All leading up to our trip to Germany where we spent Christmas with Marcus’ family. More to come on that later.

In the midst of the blog silence, I have also had time to think more about what I want to do here in this small space, how it reflects who I am and who I am becoming. Changes are afoot and, as we slip into the New Year (as the Germans say), I am excited to share the new with you. Thanks for reading!

A few images from my instagram: decorating for Christmas and a momentary snowfall in early December.

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