Amsterdam countdown

Amsterdam by Joan Costa

It’s almost unreal, but today we booked our one-way tickets to Portland! On 5 March, we’ll say farewell to Amsterdam and head westward. That gives us just over two weeks to see, do, and experience all of our favorite things about this city. I love lists, so here are the must-do things that come to mind:

1. Spend an evening lingering over a bottle of wine at Restaurant De Struisvogel
2. Relax at Spa Zuiver
3. Eat Indonesian food at Restaurant Blauw
4. Drink beers at Brouwerij ‘t IJ
5. Walk around the gardens at Huize Frankendael (where we got married!)
6. Listen to one last concert at Paradiso
7. Walk on the beach at Bloemendaael
8. Drink Blonde Roos beer at Bekeerde Zuster
9. Watch a film at Tuschinski Theater
10. Slide on the marble bench at Droog
11. Cocktails at Vesper Bar, Tales & Spirits, and Bo Cinq
12. Eat stroopwafel ice cream
13. Gaze across the city from the top floor of the library on Ooosterdokseiland
14. Sample beers at Gollem
15. Enjoy the Korean flavors at Yogiyo
16. Take a ferry ride to Noord
17. Consume platefuls of poffertjes at Pancakes!
18. Wander around Noordermarkt

Photo by Joan Costa

10 responses to “Amsterdam countdown

  1. That is coming so soon!

    If I can offer any advice, savour it all. I was in such a rush to leave Gabon that I really wish I would have taken more time to experience those last weeks rather than push through them. Also, I wish I would have taken more photos… ahh, hindsight!

    • Thanks so much for the tips Jay. I know it might be quite a whirlwind, but I will make an effort to savor each moment. More photos, definitely!

  2. 🙂 great list!

  3. Oh wow you’re moving back! So soon, so exciting!
    Great list btw, I have yet to do some of the things on it as well. I had a similar list in the months before we left for Singapore (mostly things to eat)… we never did finish everything on it, but it was so much fun just trying to.

    • Thanks, it is exciting and I hope I am able to do at least half the things on the list. Leaving is never easy, but at least we’ll make the most of our last moments!

  4. Droog eh? I remember that day

  5. Thanks for your blog , a respite in the midst of E- traffic. Continue on…

  6. Great list – I may borrow some of your ideas!

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