weekend links

St. Johns mural by Carson Ellis

Finally, a new post on small sight! Marcus and I arrived safely in Portland and have spent the last weeks adjusting to life in the States. I am working to find a new rhythm, for blogging as well. No better way to start than with a collection of interesting things to do, see, watch, etc. Happy weekend to all!

1. Carson Ellis, one of my favorite illustrators, designed a new mural for the St. Johns neighborhood in Portland, to be unveiled in May (pictured above)
2. The New York Times looks at the rising stature of photography at museums
3. The Oregon Museum of Science & Industry is holding a spring star party on Saturday at Rooster Rock State Park
4. A look at the lives of the people living in the Siberian Taiga in the latest documentary from Werner Herzog
5. Images of a Siberian Winter by photogapher Maxim Shemetov
6. The cons of a packaged food culture, or a great reminder to eat fresh and local
7. Photographs of models and their mothers in The New York Times Magazine
8. The Welcome to Portland campaign by W+K for Travel Oregon, if my friends in Amsterdam needed any more reasons to visit

welcome to portland

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