weekend links

This weekend I’m looking forward to more sunshine in the forecast, a Friday night rooftop dinner, and a hiking trip on Sunday. Enjoy your weekend and these links from the week!

1. Planning on exploring Portland’s numerous farmers markets (pictured above)
2. Listening to this interview about the high cost of fast fashion and seeing images from Amir Abdullah that document the dangers of the garment manufacturing industry in Bangladesh
3. Listening to new tracks from CocoRosie and Florence and the Machine
4. And the entire soundtrack from The Great Gatsby on NPR
5. Celebrating the opening of the Digital Public Library of America
6. Anticipating the opening of a hard cider taproom in Portland
7. Wanting to go foraging for miner’s lettuce
8. Reading Yvette van Boven’s Home Made Summer (pictured below)

What are your plans this weekend?

Photos: top left, top right, bottom 1, bottom 2.

One response to “weekend links

  1. ‘Homemade Summer’ looks great, thanks for the tip, Carly! Also, how am I just finding out about the digital public library, that’s awesome!

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