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Suttle Lake

  SuttleLake1At the end of May, Marcus and I drove to Central Oregon to spend my birthday weekend at The Lodge at Suttle Lake. The resort has a beautiful main lodge and boathouse restaurant, with private cabins scattered around the premises. We rented a small cabin a short walk from the lake and dined the first evening at the restaurant. Due to a mixup, our reservation was lost, so the manager opened the second floor and gave us a private meal with a view over the lake. The ambiance was amazing, complemented by delicious food and a bottle of wine. After our meal, we headed back to sit around the fire and roast birthday s’mores.

The next day, my parents joined us for a hike around the lake, although the water was too cold for a swim. In the evening, we cooked a meal of chili, cheese sandwiches, and roasted kale over the fire. With s’mores for dessert, of course. On Sunday, we headed to the nearby town of Sisters, an Old West style town with a mountain range for a backdrop. We visited a few antique shops, enjoyed lunch on a sunny terrace, and grabbed coffee at the legendary Sisters Coffee Company. And then, we headed over the mountain and back to Portland.


on the lake







weekend links

ned ludd

Life has been a whirlwind lately! I’m three weeks into an exciting project, two weeks into another, and have been meeting up with new and old friends all across the city. We spent the last two weekends at the beach and plan to head in the opposite direction this weekend to explore the Columbia Gorge.
What will you be doing this weekend?

1. New-to-me Portland places that I’ve loved: Canteen, Produce Row, and Ned Ludd (pictured above)
2. The three-part Nature series Bears of the Last Frontier is worth watching
3. This recipe for garlic scape pesto is just delicious
4. National Geographic has a Tumblr for unpublished work in its archive
5. If you ever find yourself near Newport, Oregon, I recommend taking this kayak tour through the Beaver Creek wetlands
6. All hail the arrival of cherry season
7. Cinema 21 is still showing Joss Whedon’s fantastic Much Ado About Nothing
8. My ears are perked to the music of Kate Boy (below)

kate boy

the things of summer

William Lamson solarium © Storm King Art Center

Admiring: Solarium by William Lamson, a greenhouse with 162 windowpanes made with carmelized sugar on a hilltop in Mountainville, New York. Love.

Reading: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. ‘A reflection on time, aging, memory, and remorse’. I’m taking full advantage of my library card and the wonderful Multnomah County Library app, which allows me to reserve books endlessly with the touch of a finger.

Baking: Granola with dried apricots and blueberries, strawberry shortcake cake, and bread with zucchini fresh from my sister’s garden. It feels great to be in the kitchen again, mixing and measuring while NPR plays in the background.

Anticipating: A long weekend at the beach, time to enjoy family, reading, and exploring. And also a chance to stare at the waves and think about how I’d like the next months to unfold. Sneak peeks on instagram.

Solarium © Storm King Art Center

Photos: Storm King Art Center