weekend links

organic tomatoes

Here in Portland, we have a sunny, three-day weekend stretching before us. I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so we have kept our plans quite simple: dinner with my sister and her family, prenatal yoga, testing new recipes, and perhaps a drive to the beach. And, of course, a new book from the library that I plan to curl up with on the couch. Enjoy your weekend and these links!

1. A guide to organics shows which produce is most affected by pesticides
2. Wondering if it’s safe to eat fish with radiation from Fukishima spreading across the Pacific Ocean
3. Looking forward to an exhibition of Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis’ collaboration for the Wildwood books and The Decemberists
4. Enjoying Commissary Cafe, the latest addition to NW Portland
5. How to create a more productive working environment
6. Beautiful unconventional shelving
7. Great tips on public speaking
8. A guided meditation app for expectant mothers that helps with sleeplessness
9. Which city should you actually live in? (My result: Paris)
10. Share the experience of reading with A Book for Two (pictured below)

Book for Two 1

Book for Two 2

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