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visual musical experience

Two fantastic videos that visualize the sound of a musical piece with motion graphics. The first, an intricate creation by Carlo Vega set to ‘Gray Keys’ by Chilly Gonzales. The second, an animation by Adrien M / Claire B that puts a creative spin on a familiar meme.

the move

The Move, a short film inspired by Amsterdam-style moving, illustrated with paper by artist Mandy Smith.

Big Bang Big Boom

A new stop-motion animation by Blu, a street artist from Argentina who is always amazing. In this latest work, he consumes a city to sketch ‘an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.’

Domino Effect

Cute animation for the World Wildlife Fund by Wyld Stallyons.

A World of Paper

Scott Coello keeps creating nice work, but his animation ‘She Farted and Created the World‘ remains one of my favorites. It illustrates the evolution of the world with scraps of found paper, and it all starts with one Big Bang. I guess I’m not the only one to like it, since it was recently shortlisted on the Virgin Media Shorts, and the dedication of the film to his dog Maggie is certainly an effective selling point.

Autumn Story

Lucinda Schreiber’s chalk animation is a testament to the beauty of patience. To make this, she had to shoot around 1900 frames in a project that took six full months to complete. Many have compared it to Blu, but I think the Firekite song gives it an edge. Impressive.