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if I were in Berlin…

If I were in Berlin, I would visit Gestalten Space to see Sarah Illenberger‘s solo exhibition in celebration of her first monograph. Gestalten writes:

Sarah Illenberger’s richly-detailed work opens up new perspectives on seemingly familiar, iconographically-charged forms and content. She expertly avoids imbuing her materials and subjects with artificial significance or forcing a meaning upon them. Instead, Illenberger’s penetrating creative eye reveals their true essence—one that has usually remained hidden just under the surface from our fleeting and routine everyday glances.

For another view of one of my favorite artists, check out the Freunde von Freunden interview and peek inside Sarah’s home.

transparent specimen by Iori Tomita

Shinsekai toumei hyouhon (new world transparent specimen). Amazing images of preserved and stained specimen by Japanese artist and lifetime fisherman, Iori Tomita. iPad app here (via spaceships)


mono.kultur is a magazine from Motto Berlin, which features one interview with one person per issue. Past interviewees include German cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, sound artist Carsten Nicolai, Israeli author Zeruya Shalev, photographer David LaChapelle, and architect David Adjaye. The latest issue features Cyprien Gaillard a Parisian-born conceptual artist. Always a fan of a great interview, I love that mono.kultur captures a conversation and offers a peek into the life and inspiration of vastly different artists.

I picked up my copy of issue #24 from Athenaeum Bookseller in Amsterdam, but heard about the magazine from The Post Family, an artist collective in Chicago. Although based in the States, they seem to have an inside scoop on small publications coming out of German-speaking countries. Can’t help but love that.