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the season for rhubarb

Rhubarb is slowly becoming one of my favorite fresh ingredients. The rich, red stalks that taper off into a light pink hue adds a splash of color to any recipe. It is a great source of vitamin K and C, and has a tartness that combines so well with sweeter fruits to create a textured flavor.

Until last year, my experience with rhubarb was limited. I had eaten a slice or two of rhubarb pie as a child, but it wasn’t until I received a few stalks in our CSA in Amsterdam that I decided to try making a rhubarb pie myself. The taste was so incredible, I made the pie at least five more times throughout the spring and summer months.

In Oregon, rhubarb season is just beginning and I’m anticipating the opportunity to experiment with a few more recipes, including rhubarb and strawberry lemonade, strawberry rhubarb crème fraîche crumble pierhubarb pie with this crust, rhubarb mojito, and rhubarb compote.

Have you ever had rhubarb? What are your favorite recipes?

Rhubarb stalks photo by Georgia Glynn Smith.

the search for a cake

If you have read small sight for a while, you probably know that I love baking. The best part being the eating of baked goods, naturally. Since I first started experimenting with baking, I have been successful with many recipes and failed with many others – learning a thing or two in the process.

I learned that melting butter does not make anything easier. I learned that baking soda and baking powder produce two distinct results and mistaking one for the other only creates disaster. And I learned to trust my instincts when it comes to measurements.

Given my love for baking, I have decided to bake our wedding cake. With about 1.5 months until the big day, I plan to try several cakes over the next weeks and, with the help of my unsuspecting colleagues, determine a winner. Vanilla bean cake? Buttercream frosting? Chocolate raspberry filling? What is your favorite type of cake?

Photo sources: cake buffet, cake 1, cake 2, cake 3, cake 4, cake 5

cooking with kumquats

The last week has been an experiment in cooking with kumquats. A colleague brought me a bag full of the small, oval fruit from Spain and it was actually the first time I had ever seen or tasted them. Kumquats are delicious when eaten raw with the skin, but also bring a burst of citrus to recipes, such as kumquat bread, kumquat marmalade, and kumquat spritzer. I think kumquats would also make a nice addition to a salad or when sauteed with tofu and veggies.

The numerous bowls filled with kumquats also have added a splash of color to my home, much needed in late January.