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a plan for a day

When I announced my engagement on small sight, I knew I wouldn’t turn this space into a wedding blog, but I also want to share a few moments along the way. Planning an intercultural wedding and marriage leaves a lot of room for learning. I spent one morning in September running between the American and German consulates in Amsterdam to finally learn that all answers would depend on the German province in which we will wed.

After phone calls, clarifications, translations, and waiting rooms, Marcus and I now have all our paperwork in order! It now needs to be submitted for approval, after which we will be allowed to schedule an appointment at the registry office in Berlin. What I thought would be the most difficult part has actually been quite painless.

I wish I had better news for the yet-to-be-printed save the date cards and the yet-to-be-booked venue. My older sister has a lot of event planning experience and is encouraging us to finalize the most critical parts. Maybe it’s because we’re planning a Berlin wedding while being in Amsterdam, but everything is just taking a lot more time. In between, I have been gathering some visual inspiration for that day in April, which I wanted to share. If anyone has some tips on wedding planning, I would love some insight! How did you handle all the details and planning?

Photo sources: flowers, table, dress and bouquet, church.

if I were in Berlin…

If I were in Berlin, I would visit Gestalten Space to see Sarah Illenberger‘s solo exhibition in celebration of her first monograph. Gestalten writes:

Sarah Illenberger’s richly-detailed work opens up new perspectives on seemingly familiar, iconographically-charged forms and content. She expertly avoids imbuing her materials and subjects with artificial significance or forcing a meaning upon them. Instead, Illenberger’s penetrating creative eye reveals their true essence—one that has usually remained hidden just under the surface from our fleeting and routine everyday glances.

For another view of one of my favorite artists, check out the Freunde von Freunden interview and peek inside Sarah’s home.

Blindschleiche und Riesenblatt

A new publication by Motto Distribution with 30 images by Anne Schwalbe, a photographer from Berlin who I had the opportunity to interview last May.

Weekend Links #8

Weekend Links is a collection of the interesting bits and pieces that I’ve come across on the streets and online. The weekly post is my chance to share with you a few things that I have enjoyed, in a list compiled during the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as well.

A few things I enjoyed this week:
1. Spending time in Berlin. It never grows old.
2. Listening to the serene music of Breathe Owl Breathe discovered via NPR (pictured above)
3. Loving the photos of snow on Boston’s Big Picture
4. Finishing (almost) the last Christmas shopping thanks to Etsy and Creature Comfort‘s gift guide (pictured below)
5. Looking forward to the Funky Christmas Market at Westergasfabriek today

Berlin Again

The previous week took me to Berlin, the last of many trips to Germany this year. The official count for 2010 is certainly over ten, with at least half in the capital, but the latest visit was the first for work. Spending the week interviewing photographers while working with a German company was a new perspective on life in a city that usually constitutes friends and fun for me. I was also able to witness the first snowfall of the year. And it kept falling.

Off To Berlin

A month of traveling is almost at its end and a great chill has spread across northern Europe. I find myself headed to Berlin tomorrow, where the high will be around -12 C/10F on Wednesday. It’s such a lovely city with snow (image from here).

November Travels

The month of November is here and I have several trips ahead of me. Friday will take me on a short trip to Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands. The following week I’m off to London. The third week to Portugal, my first time in the country! Upon my return, I will spend one night in Amsterdam before heading for a weekend – and hopefully the Weihnachstmärkte, Christmas markets – in Cologne. And the final trip at the end of the month will take me to Berlin.

Most of the travels are related to work projects, but nothing sounds better than being surrounded by photography and stories in foreign lands. I imagine I won’t need to unpack or put away my suitcase for the entire month (image from johnnyvintage).