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stories of the past

A few days ago my sister posted this photo of my mom, at 18, having caught a big fish like a true Oregonian. I have seen this photo dozens of times throughout my life, but I can’t seem to recall the details. Did she catch the fish herself? Was she fishing with my dad (an avid outdoorsman)? I think they had met by the time she was 18, but I can’t recall specifically. Was she holding his catch? Was she flirting with him in her nonchalance?

Inspired to dig into my small archive of scanned photos from the past, I came up with these great photos: my Dad in his hometown Chicago, my parents on a road trip across the US, my parents by a lake, and a photo of me hanging out in a backpack while on a hike with my Dad. I love these glimpses from the past, but they’re not enough for me. I want to know the stories of each photo, the details, emotions, and a description of what happened before and after. Maybe it’s time for my dad to start writing the biography that my siblings and I have been trying to convince him of for years.

The Discovered Work of Vivian Maier

Beautiful collection of Vivian Maier‘s street photographs of Vivian Maier, which were discovered at an estate auction in Chicago. Maier was a French-born street photographer from the 1950s – the 1990s who came to the States as a child. Her photography remained unknown until after her death in 2009 and were discovered by John Maloof. The collection of her work found at the auction included 100,000 mostly medium format negatives and many undeveloped rolls of film (via anothersomething).