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weekend links #44

Weekend Links is a collection of the interesting bits and pieces that I’ve come across on the streets and online. The weekly post is my chance to share with you a few things from the week, in a list compiled during the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as well.

A few things I enjoyed over the last week:
1. Watching this video about translucent tape art in Amsterdam
2. Preparing menus for Thanksgiving and Christmas with inspiration from Sweet Paul (pictured above)
3. Feeling a bit cozier after spotting these socks and this sweater
4. Viewing this infographic comparing education with incarceration in the US
5. Being awed by 2,000 suspended dandelions by Swiss artist Regine Ramseier (pictured below, via colossal)
6. Seeing images of foraging for truffles in Umbria
7. Eating a meal at Proef with Liz, Jenn, Lauren, and Ellen
8. Finding the new digital magazine Contents, with insights about my field of work