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a year of de krat

It’s the end of the year and time to reflect on what has passed. One of my favorite (small) things of 2011 was discovering de krat, a box of local produce delivered to my door each week. Over the last few years, I have become more aware of the origin of my food and the importance of supporting local farmers. I was so happy to discover Amsterdam’s version of community-supported agriculture that is abundant in my hometown. Thanks to de krat, my cooking skills and willingness to experiment with new foods and recipes grew exponentially over the last half year. Looking forward to more in 2012.

de krat 2 December

In this week’s crate: leeks, cabbage, pears, a teeny tiny pumpkin, tomatoes, eggs, apples, bread, winter salad, Jerusalem artichokes, black salsify, and pink, orange, and purple beets.

de krat 19 November

In this week’s crate: tomatoes, bread, assorted paprikas, winter lettuce, red potatoes, broccoli, parsnips, a green pumpkin, endive, pears, a rutabaga, sausages (for the German), and rosemary olive oil.

de krat 12 november

In this week’s crate: New Zealand spinach, pear juice, cherry tomatoes, bread, Granny Smith apples, organic eggs, leek, a rosemary plant, Burdock root, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and a European plaice filet.

Did you know Brussels sprouts grew on a stalk? I had no idea.

de krat 5 november

In this week’s crate: Komatsuna leaves, purple grapes, rapini, Jerusalem artichoke, salad, carrots, Savoy cabbage (the last of the season), red onions, pears, Belle de Boskoop apples, mushrooms, bread, and venison. Looking forward to a week of eating well.

late October harvest

A Saturday morning delivery from de krat. With a busy work week ahead, I am looking forward to eating well with parsnip fries, baked apples, a romanesco pasta, and a pumpkin soup. The crate also came with a bottle of vlierbes azijn (elderberry vinegar), pictured below.

While Marcus is much more experimental when it comes to cooking, I have been expanding my collection of recipes with inspiration from these food blogs: 101 cookbooks, roost, what katie ate, bella eats, spoon fork bacon, sweet paul, and my new roots. What are some of your favorite places to find new food inspiration?

recipes for October

This week’s delivery brought eggs, bread, broccoli stalks, pears, red onions, apple pear juice, radishes, chard, Savoy cabbage, purslane, and beef. After hearing about three more acquaintances who have signed up for de krat, I decided to not only write about the week’s content, but also share a few recipes.

Pears. In the latest edition of Sweet Paul magazine, there is a section dedicated to pear recipes. The desserts look fantastic, of course, but I decided to test out the pear soup. Perfect for fall.

Fall greens. Last week we received a bunch of kale, something I have never cooked with before. I tried a simple recipe, sauteƩing the greens with olive oil and garlic, then topping with a bit of cheese.

What are some of your favorite autumn recipes?