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summer sailing

During our holiday in east Germany, Marcus’ father took us sailing on the same lake we visited last year. He and Marcus have sailed together for years, but it was only my second time out. I love boats and being on the water, but am still getting used to all the rope and steep turns. The wind whipped us around and the fickle sun finally dominated over the clouds.

sailing on Geierswalder See

Needing some relief from an overdose of Dutch rain, Marcus and I headed to Germany last week for sun in Berlin and then time swimming and sailing the lakes in the east. Marcus and his father Matthias have sailed together often, but it was my first time and I loved every minute. The combination of water, wind, and sun was invigorating and relaxing.

We spent several days on the lake (der See in German), staying in a houseboat with a great view and the sailboat waiting out front.

We also had a front door that opened right to the water and a ladder that beckoned us to dive into the green waters.

Just down the lake, there was a beachfront area with canoes, windsurfing equipment and plenty of ice cream.

A perfect holiday.