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street art in Barcelona

A few years ago, a random chain of events led to me standing in front of a group of German students answering questions about ‘America’. One student asked if there was much graffiti in the States. Unless you live in a city, the answer is not really. Outside of the cities, instead of being seen as an art form, it falls into more of the ‘act of vandalism’ category. Living in Europe for the past years, I have become a fan of street art that is part of the city. Rather than defacing a structure, it enhances it.

When I had the chance to go to Barcelona for a few days, I knew I would be on the lookout for some of the street art for which the city is famous. While I didn’t have enough time to seek out great works, I did happen to come across these interesting pieces in the neighborhood of my hotel.

head, skull & crossbones, seahorse

I will never tire of Amsterdam graffiti and all its creativity.

in the west

Just a few pictures from a Sunday morning walk through west Amsterdam, which led to the discovery of this beautiful piece of graffiti, a bicycle floating in the canal and a close-up look at my favorite empty construction site. A nice step away from the cute scene in the center of Amsterdam, towards something a bit dirtier and familiar. I guess that what keeps me going back to Berlin time and again.


Big Bang Big Boom

A new stop-motion animation by Blu, a street artist from Argentina who is always amazing. In this latest work, he consumes a city to sketch ‘an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.’

Street Art in Okinawa by Koax

Nice collection of street art on Unurth including Chu, JR, and 2501. (unicornology: spaceships: texturism)


Another fabulous stop-motion film of street art in the making by Blu in a collaborative effort with David Ellis (via Good).

Viva la Kunst


As I prepare to head to Berlin on Wednesday, I thought I would resurrect one of my great life mysteries. While I was living in Seoul, I spent a lot of time in Hongdae, an artsy neighborhood in the north with some of the best graffiti in the city. I spotted the above work one day, thought it was interesting, and snapped a photo.

Two years later, while in Berlin, I saw the exact same work in Kreuzberg. I did a double take then and there. When I returned to Amsterdam, I tried to find out who was behind the graffiti, but without luck. Deciding, a few more years later, to make one more attempt, I came across this Gridskipper article today discussing the street art in Berlin. Last on the list of prominent Berlin graffiti artists was SP38 and an almost identical image. Mystery solved!

He’s apparently French born, living in Berlin, and has apparently been in Seoul at least once. Although his website is down, you can see more of his work on Flickr. See you in a few days Berlin!


Video from the lightwriting workshop at the 2009 sound:frame festival headed by Lichtfaktor, a German group of light graffiti artists. I was inspired to check up on this amazing group after reading the WebUrbanist article 10 Light Graffiti Artists and Photographers (via somuchstellarstuff).