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the move

The Move, a short film inspired by Amsterdam-style moving, illustrated with paper by artist Mandy Smith.

The Zoomable Map

Straight out of the digital backlash, comes the Zoomable Map, the paper version.

Le Creativ Sweatshop

le creativ sweatshop

“Creativity is something you constantly work on. Some say you are lucky to be so creative, but it’s something you work on every day.”

— Ndeur (Mathieu Missiaen)

Specializing in paper designs, the conceptual agency Le Creativ Sweatshop (The Creative Sweatshop) works across a spectrum of media that cater to their quest for creativity. (via Yatzer)

A World of Paper

Scott Coello keeps creating nice work, but his animation ‘She Farted and Created the World‘ remains one of my favorites. It illustrates the evolution of the world with scraps of found paper, and it all starts with one Big Bang. I guess I’m not the only one to like it, since it was recently shortlisted on the Virgin Media Shorts, and the dedication of the film to his dog Maggie is certainly an effective selling point.