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farewell Amsterdam

The last post from Amsterdam! It has been an amazing week of meeting with friends, saying farewell to the city, and packing up our lives here in the Netherlands. Seven years. I can’t really begin to describe how it feels.

A few days ago, I sent some belated images of a summer s’mores making party to a group of dear friends and then started looking through my Amsterdam photo archive. Here, is a quick collection of some sweet moments over the last years.

We just had an impromptu breakfast of poffertjes with Stefanie & Fiede this morning. The sun is shining and Marcus is calling the taxi to airport. Thank you to all our friends who made the last weeks so special. Until we meet again!

an international Thanksgiving

On Saturday evening, a group of friends gathered in my home for a Thanksgiving celebration, to reflect on the last year, give thanks together, and indulge in one fantastic meal.

The menu: pumpkin soup, mushroom bruschetta, roasted root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, black salsify, and leek), dried fig, cranberry, and walnut stuffing, onion, celery, and dried tomato stuffing, mashed potatoes, lamb stew, pumpkin mousse, and pear, ricotta, and honey tart.

Being the only American at the table, amongst a mix of Germans and Dutch, I gave a short history of the holiday and its roots. Inspired by our common residence of the Netherlands, I also told about some of the history of the pilgrims’ travels through Leiden and their Dutch neighbors that founded a colony at Manhattan. Celebrating away from home has never been sweeter.


Weekend Links #22

Weekend Links is a collection of the interesting bits and pieces that I’ve come across on the streets and online. The weekly post is my chance to share with you a few things from the week, in a list compiled during the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as well.

A few things I enjoyed last week:
1. Spending a day in the Hague for the Movies that Matter film festival, running until 30 March
2. Interviewing interesting people, like Ed Kashi, Andrew DeVigal, Nanako Koyama, and more
3. Spotting the photography by Ye Rin Mok (pictured above, via thank you, okay)
4. Hearing about Velour, a clothing brand started in Göteborg, Sweden that now has a store in De Negen Straatjes (via GYPROT)
5. Spotting a rare occasion when my two homes (Amsterdam + Portland) come together in the form of Olivia Bee‘s photography being part of a publication by Foam, the photography museum in Amsterdam (pictured below)

Inside the Train

After my ride to the north, I was happy to see this familiar scene of the inside of a Dutch train by German photographer Julian Turner (via constant wanderlust: randomitis).