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Weekend Links #32

Weekend Links is a collection of the interesting bits and pieces that I’ve come across on the streets and online. The weekly post is my chance to share with you a few things from the week, in a list compiled during the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as well.

A few things I enjoyed over the last week:
1. Watching the beautiful dance performance in Vanitas directed by Barnaby Roper (pictured above)
2. Listening to a new tune from Blitzen Trapper (via Micha)
3. Reading international praise for Amsterdam Noord
4. Watching a time lapse of The New York Times front page for almost a year (via TOM)
5. Seeing the trailer for One Day on Earth, a film project capturing the human experience on our planet in all its diversity (embedded below)
6. Adding to my list of where to go and what to eat in my upcoming trip to Istanbul

The Jazz Loft Project

The Jazz Loft Project is an archive project profiled in a multimedia production from The New York Times. The production features photography and audio content from the archive of W. Eugene Smith, captured from the unique perspective of his loft building (via Micha).

From 1957 to 1965, the photographer W. Eugene Smith exposed 1,447 rolls of film to record the goings-on inside his loft building, as well as scenes from street life visible from his windows. He also made 4,000 hours of audio recordings that captured random conversations, phone calls, radio programs and, above all, many legendary musicians of the day, who came to the building to hang out, rehearse and jam.