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scenes of intimacy

In Scenes of Intimacy, artist Anne-Laure Maison captures the windows of a city at night, the lit frame revealing the stories within.

Pictured above, the windows of Amsterdam. Below, New York (left) and Prague (right).

“At nightfall, the windows of the flats that are lit up attract more attention than the façade of the buildings that frame them. Lit interiors become real tableaux vivants. The interior takes precedence over the exterior, and we can glimpse moments of people’s intimate lives. I am not actually interested in their intimacy as such, but rather by the space itself – the warmth of a particular light, the twinkling of a Christmas garland or the shimmering glow of a television, the corner of a painting. All these details stir my imagination and inspire my work. When I gaze at these windows, I like to tell myself a story. I capture these intimate moments and build my own structures.” – Anne-Laure Maison

via constant wanderlust