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winter in the kitchen

cabbage recipes

Earlier this week, I was delighted to discover a delicious, simple recipe for roasted cabbage. I enjoy cooking and experimenting with the produce that appears in the weekly box of CSA, but sometimes I’m at a loss for what to do with certain vegetables. Especially in the wintertime, it can be a bit difficult to muster up the creativity to cook with yet another head of cabbage.

In my pursuit for healthy, vegetarian recipes that are also packed with flavor, I have come across food blogs that constantly inspire me in the kitchen. It also doesn’t hurt to have a husband that loves cooking and is a master with spices. Below are a number of recipes that showcase the vegetables and fruits that are at their best in winter. For a (northern hemisphere) calendar of what’s in season, visit Eat Seasonably. Do you have any favorite winter recipes?

Cabbage recipes
1. Roasted cabbage wedge with rice from Casa Yellow (above left)
2. Cabbage salad from (above middle)
3. Rustic cabbage and white bean soup from 101 Cookbooks (above right)
4. Braised red cabbage from The Wednesday Chef
5. Sauerkraut and reasons to love it

cauliflower recipes

Cauliflower recipes
1. Roasted cauliflower with cumin & coriander butter from Seven Spoons (above left)
2. Roasted cauliflower and cheddar soup from Two Peas (above middle)
3. Spicy cauliflower with sesame from 101 Cookbooks (above right)

brussels sprouts recipes

Brussels Sprouts recipes
1. Brussels sprouts with vinegar-glazed onions from Martha Stewart (above left)
2. Braised chestnuts and Brussels sprouts from Roost (above middle)
3. Roasted Brussels sprouts and cranberries with barley from Cookie + Kate (above right)

carrot recipes

Carrot recipes
1. Charred carrots with griddled goat cheese from Casa Yellow (above left)
2. Ginger-roasted carrots with miso dressing from My New Roots (above middle)
3. Roasted carrot soup from Food52 (above right)

celery root recipes

Celery root recipes
1. Winter salad from Local Milk (above left)
2. Potato and celery root gratin from Delish (above middle)
2. Creamy curried celery root soup from The Minimalist (above right)

pear recipes

Pear recipes
1. Poached pears from The Daily Serge (above left)
2. Pear soup from Sweet Paul (above middle)
3. Pear, ricotta, and honey tart from Bella Eats (above right)
4. Spiced pear muffins from The Kitchn

snow days

After almost two weeks with temperatures below freezing, the warm will return next week, thawing the canals and melting away the last drifts of snow. The wintery weather has hit Europe and North Africa (!) hard. In Amsterdam, the frozen canals have everyone bringing out their skates and throwing parties on the ice. Although I conquered my fear of biking on the snow and ice several years ago, I spent the first few days of freeze walking around the city in my trusty Oregon hiking boots, enjoying the quiet of the city and the crunch of the snow beneath my feet.


The temperature finally dipped below freezing here in Amsterdam. After a taste of Florida’s warmth and sunshine, I am dialing up the coziness for the rest of Amsterdam’s winter with wool socks, fleece sheets, and furry blankets. Here are a few essential ingredients for a successful hibernation.

Faux fur blankets, mug cosy, and a warm drink.

Woolen hot water bottle, cable knit slippers, and a good book.

Or maybe just a giant scarf. Here’s to staying warm!

Top photo via

lights and a warm drink

The dark days of winter have almost passed. While I enjoy the yearly chance to hibernate, I love to see the light dawning when I wake and be able to ride home without bike lights when I finish for the day. Thank you to warm-lit lamps and steaming drinks for your coziness during the cold months. Until next year. (image above via, image below via).

Weekend Links #16

Weekend Links is a collection of the interesting bits and pieces that I’ve come across on the streets and online. The weekly post is my chance to share with you a few things from the week, in a list compiled during the weekend. I hope you enjoy them as well.

A few things I enjoyed this week:
1. Seeing over 40,000 photographs over the course of the last week
2. Interviewing photojournalist David Burnett, Geo director of photography Ruth Eichhorn, critic for The New Yorker Vince Aletti and photographer Heinz Kluetmeier http://bit.ly/fs55tx (image above of the studio)
3. Listening to Adele’s new album 21 on NPR. Just beautiful.
4. Remembering the Oregon fog in images (pictured below, via for me, for you)
5. Reading about the wonder of winter and enjoying the final moments of the season
6. Listening to the new album by Avalanche City (via home.town.treasure)

Off To Berlin

A month of traveling is almost at its end and a great chill has spread across northern Europe. I find myself headed to Berlin tomorrow, where the high will be around -12 C/10F on Wednesday. It’s such a lovely city with snow (image from here).

Akos Major Photography

Beautiful images from the Hungarian photographer Akos Major. All very wintery and serene. I will imagine this in my mind as I bundle up to face the autumn winds on my bike.

The images above and immediately below were taken in Hallstatt, Austria. The last two images are of a forest, somewhere. (via constant wanderlust)


The beautiful multimedia production Snowbound by Lisa Robinson (for Fotofest) begins with the sound of crunching snow. As we stand now in the thick of summer, humid and cloudy here in Amsterdam, I loved this peek into the quiet season  of winter.

For five long winters, Lisa M. Robinson photographed in snow from New York to Colorado. The resulting color photographs become almost monochromatic in the snow and ice, distilled to their essential parts not unlike the deepest states of meditation.

While on the surface, these images seem to have captured moments in time, there is an implied suggestion of time passage and life cycles. Within the heart of a spare winter, other seasons emerge. These scenes suggest, upon contemplation, the temporal nature of all things. In the midst of seeming emptiness, layers of life and contrast slowly emerge.

(via mediastorm)