Oregon Manifest

oregon manifest

Pereira CycleLast weekend, I was able to catch the final festivities of Oregon Manifest, a celebration of the bike culture and innovation in Portland, Oregon. Part of the month-long celebration was a design challenge and an exhibition of the winning frame designs. The first place prize went to Pereira Cycles for this design, now on sale.

A gallery in the Pearl District was featuring the exhibition Dreams on Wheels: Danish Cycling Culture for Urban Sustainability, which will make its way to cities around the world including London, Barcelona, and Brussels in 2010. The exhibition looks at Danish efforts to cultivate a culture of cycling through sociological research, urban design and planning, public policy, and educational programs.

A few Danish words for ‘bicycle’:
Stålhest (steel horse)
Skærveknuser (bone crusher)
Havelåge (garden gate)

bicycle 1bicycle 2


2 responses to “Oregon Manifest

  1. Hey Carly, bikes, bikes, bikes have also been the big trend in NY. How funny. Every store had at least one shirt with a bike print on it – from Uniqlo to Brooklyn Industries to whatever trendy store. And the whole Broadway has a bike lane now and I saw bike Rikshaw’s and I was just impressed how this has changed ind the last years. New Amsterdam comes closer to Old Amsterdam, I would say!

  2. Just as an addition to my comment this nice little site: http://www.ridewithmenyc.com/

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