Carson Ellis illustrations

I was thrilled when I read that the cover of The Mysterious Benedict Society, a wonderfully imaginative book, was illustrated by Carson Ellis. How could I not have known? Carson is best know  to me for her amazing work on the albums and concert posters of The Decemberists. Her illustrations from another book, Dillweed’s Revenge, are showing at Nationale gallery in Portland from 8 September – 3 October. If I were there, I would certainly stop by.

3 responses to “Carson Ellis illustrations

  1. I love those books as well, but my understanding is that they were illustrated by Diane Sudyka. I may be wrong, but I thought I would share the info.

  2. …hmm, it looks like maybe Ellis did the first book and Sudyka did the next two. Now I’m curious.

    • First, thank you so much for your comment, you have no idea how exciting it was for me to learn there are two more books about the Mysterious Benedict Society. Also, I wasn’t familiar with Diana Sudyka’s illustration and am glad to learn about her work. Looking at her portfolio though, I probably should have known about her. Great work, thanks for sharing! p.s. I also had a snoop around your portfolio, lovely illustrations, especially The Crow. Good luck on your children’s book!

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